Innovative conference room audio/visual design and installation services from Infocare Systems

Corporate collaboration spaces are the heart and soul of the modern business. Conference rooms have always played an integral role in collaboration in the workplace, but in the age of wireless technology and telecommuting they are more vital than ever.

conference-room conference-room

Meetings that once simply entailed getting employees together around a long conference table to talk and fiddle with projectors are now a crucial time for team members from around the world to connect, brainstorm, plan and tackle creative challenges. Equipping your team with the technology and environment they need to collaborate effectively and efficiently is not just ideal; it’s an essential part of doing business in the digital age.

The right conference room AV solution is the key to unlocking automation for high quality video conferencing, conference room audio, lighting, thermostats and more – bringing everything together to maximize the power of your meetings. That’s where Infocare Systems can help. A conferencing automation system can ensure that you and your team aren’t wasting time trying to get technology to work – or worse, wasting a client’s time.

We provide a full range of conference room systems and solutions, including:

  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Display Equipment (Video Walls, Projectors, LED TV’s, Monitors, Etc)
  • Sound Systems
  • Structured Cabling for Networks
  • Lighting Control
  • Conference Room AV Consultation & Design