Gate automation is now commonly accepted as one of the best options to secure your property. Automatic Gates offer convenience, security, and also add value to any property. Most people report that once they have installed automatic gates they feel more secure (especially at nights), that they are delighted with the ease of operation, and also that their property feels more exclusive. In effect you move your front door to beside the roadway. This deters unwanted callers and potential burglars who will not want to park visibly on the road while they enter your premises. A benefit is that the property does not look especially security conscious as normal gates are simply closed. The gates also keep your dogs in (or out as the case may be!) and stop you worrying where your offspring are playing. Numerous other benefits come with the package including added value to your property (some say that a house sells quicker as automatic gates impress prospective buyers), increasing the style of your house, and stopping stray animals entering your gardens. We haven’t even mentioned going out to close the gates on a cold, rainy winter’s night!

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In common with most electronic items automatic gate systems can be tailored to suit your needs. It is common for us to react to each person’s requirements and we can offer systems that allow free entry or exit, intercoms, timed openings and even specialized systems that allow your intercom to dial your mobile telephone when you are out. Gates can be automated with visible above ground systems or concealed below ground systems. Both work equally well, and you can decide your preference by using this guide or talking to one of our surveyors. Take into account the expected opening times per hour or day, whether it is commercial or residential, is it just family members you want to use the gates, the physical size and design of the gates, the number of dwellings served by the gates, is the area particularly windy etc. Probably one of the easiest ways to decide is to talk to one of our surveyors. This is a free service for potential clients and without obligation. A typical workable system is two operators are controlled by radio transmitters and with an intercom or numeric sequence keypad. This will normally be operated in “fully automatic” mode i.e. when you arrive you point the transmitter towards the gates and press once. The gates open, you proceed, and after a preset delay the gates will automatically close. Visitors will contact the house using the intercom which will offer remote opening from the internal handset.